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Coaching Supervision

Hudson’s Supervision Center

What Is Supervision?

Coaching Supervision is an essential practice for coaches looking to continually grow their capacity. Supervision, whether in individual or group format, is an opportunity for the coach to step outside of the limits of their own point of view, and see their work from new angles and with new lenses.


Our supervision places a focus on the working relationship between coach, coachee, and the key stakeholders. As we attend to the multiple layers of the system at play in any coaching engagement, the coach inevitably uncovers parallels and patterns that are difficult to perceive without the support of coaching supervision.

Why Engage in Supervision?

Our research suggests that the journey to mastery is a long one that is catalyzed by a supervision experience that spans several years. In the supervision setting, coaches can see what has been largely invisible – patterns, reactions, beliefs, and parallels. We grow and deepen our capacities in the company of others.

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  • 6, 8, or 10 month program

  • One 90-minute session per month with Coach Supervisor

  • One peer group call per month (Group only)


  • Live virtual (remote via Zoom)

Paths to Supervision

Individual Supervision

Work one-on-one with a supervisor from our Supervision Center. Individual Supervision consists of monthly, 60-minute sessions over six months with each session providing an opportunity to explore 2-3 client situations. During Individual Supervision, you will discuss your individual cases and continue to uncover the ‘self as coach’ areas of growth that will strengthen and significantly extend your capacity as a coach.

Individual Supervision

Group Supervision

In Group Supervision, groups of five to six coaches are led by a supervisor from our Supervision Center. Group Supervision consists of monthly, 90-minute group sessions, and a commitment to a second peer group call each month. Each call provides an opportunity to bring cases, explore ‘sticky situations,’  and to reflect on how you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing your work with clients.

Our open enrollment groups provide an easy path to getting started with Group Supervision. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Open Enrollment Groups

Self-Formed Groups

If you have organized your own group, we can schedule you with one of our supervisors. When assembling your group, we recommend looking for coaches with a similar amount of experience.

Group Interest List

If you do not have a Self-Formed Group to join and our Open Enrollment Groups don’t suit your needs, we can add you to an interest list to be informed of other Group Supervision opportunities when they open up.

Hosted by our cofounder and Chief Knowledge Officer, Pam McLean Ph.D., Intro to Group Supervision is a two-part experience: a 90-minute discussion plus a 90-minute small Group Supervision session. This program is designed for those looking to better understand the ways in which coaching supervision can support their development and coaching work with clients.

Intro to Supervision

Group Supervision

Hudson's Supervisors

Redia Anderson

Group Supervision

Tom Fumarelli

Group & Individual Supervision

Penny Handscomb

Group & Individual Supervision

Seth Levenson

Group & Individual Supervision

Toni McLean

Group & Individual Supervision

Keith Naber

Group & Individual Supervision

Ann O'Connor

Group & Individual Supervision

Tom Pollack

Group Supervision

Lori Siegworth

Group Supervision

Joy Leach

Not available in 2024

Sandy Smith

Not available in 2024

Marlyn Young

Not available in 2024

What happens if I cannot make all the Supervision sessions?

Your engagement is integral to the learning experience of all participants. We do not record supervision meetings. 


Do I need to have clients now in order to join Supervision?

To maximize your learning during supervision, you will want to be coaching at least 2-3 clients. 

Will these Supervision hours count towards CCEU’s?

You will earn 12 CCEUs for participating during the 8-month engagement, 15 CCEUs for a 10 month engagement, and 6 CCEUs for Individual Supervision.

Will there be any pre-work?

There is a short pre-work document that you will complete and return to your Supervisor prior to the first session. This will help reflect on your learning goals for the journey.

Supervision has been transformational for me as a coach and a person. It gives me a container to question my habitual thinking, investigate my motivations, and experiment with new approaches. Simultaneously, I get to witness extraordinary coaching by my supervisor. And, I get to be in community with brilliant Hudson coaches. I have developed very deep, trusting relationships with the coaches in my supervision group and have benefited from their love, wisdom, challenge, and insight. I wouldn't be the coach I am today without the support and rigor of supervision.


Sarah-Nell Walsh

In Hudson's Supervision program, I bring my own client coaching challenges. We work together as a group to understand how our own stories and beliefs show up in our coaching. Almost always, a parallel exists between the coaching challenge I'm facing and a developmental opportunity in front of me. The gift of supervision is receiving coaching and becoming a better coach at the same time. This magic comes from the other coaches, as well as our gifted Hudson Coaching Supervisor.


Jon Powell

Hudson supervision is not only something that helps me grow as a coach, but gives me space to learn in a group of trusted coaches. I look forward to every session, and never fail to learn something about myself as a human being and coach.

Our Coaching Supervisor, guides us compassionately through conversations and always ensures we each get an opportunity to share what’s on our minds and most relevant in the moment.

I’m incredibly grateful to be working with this supervision group, and Hudson for offering something that I consider integral to my profession.


Suzanne Weller

Coaching supervision has been a game-changer for me, offering a safe space for continued skill development, enhancing my self-awareness as a coach, and providing invaluable insights from both supervisor and peers. It provides an opportunity to deepen your professional community, and the support and shared wisdom are priceless. I highly recommend it to both new and seasoned coaches alike!


Heather Sweeney

Hudson Supervision has been such a rewarding experience. It’s allowed me to stay connected with colleagues in the profession and develop deep relationships with other coaches I trust as we share real-world challenges we are facing in our practice. I regularly walk away from Hudson Supervision sessions with a new perspective and ideas on how to tackle a problem.


Derika Legg

Supervision has been an essential part of my continued growth as a coach. While I regularly reflect on my coaching and challenge myself to continually learn, quite frankly, there is nothing like having a creative, experienced supervisor and a committed and curious group of colleagues to help me go deeper, see myself more clearly, and open up new possibilities in my work with clients. There is also the magic of learning from others' experiences and reflections as they share their cases and receive coaching. In times of "stuckness" or confusion, the first thing I do is capture my thinking to bring up in supervision. Since I can't imagine ever being fully done with growing as a coach, I can't imagine being done with supervision.


Felicia Guerchon

Want to learn more about Coaching Supervision?

The recently published "Coaching Supervision: Voices from the Americas" brings together an impressive and international array of coaching supervisors — including Hudson's very own Chief Knowledge Officer, Pam McLean, Ph.D. — to highlight the unique cultural and contextual aspects of coaching supervision in the Americas, exploring current theory, research, and practice.

Rolling Admission Supervision Opportunities
  • Individual Supervision

  • Group Supervision via self-formed groups

Interested in bringing Supervision to the coaches in your organization?

Our suite of premium offerings are designed to support individuals and organizations alike. Wherever you or your organization may be in your developmental journey, we would like to meet you there. Each organization and individual is unique, so we strive to provide a wide range of customizable solutions, targeting impact at the scale you’re looking for.

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